Echo of eternity, a raiding guild on EU server Draenor

Welcome to our headquarters!

Echo of eternity is a mature raiding guild.

Although we are not a hardcore raiding guild, when we raid we do take it seriously.
Raiders are expected to be mature, on time, bring their own food, flasks, elixirs, reagents and be fully prepared (read up on their class, new bosses etc.).

Our raiding time is 20:30 until 23:15 servertime. Raiding days are set on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. These days are mandatory raid days. All raids are in English. We expect raiders to be online, ready, repaired with flasks, food etc 10 mins before raid time. If you are late your spot wil be passed to the next in line. Knowing tactics and having read up on bosses is mandatory for all. The majority of our guild members are active at 18.00-01.00 servertime.

To raid with us you MUST have TeamSpeak3 installed and able to speak during raids. We also require you to have the addon DBM and appropriate healing, tank and/or class addons, which ever fits your class.

Primary raid targets:

  • Tomb of Sargeras heroic
  • Tomb of Sargeras normal (on farm)

Secondary raid targets:

  • Nighthold
  • Emerald Nightmare
  • Trial of Valor
  • Old raid content

Secondary raid targets are not main raid targets, although they still can be interesting for raiders in need of some gear or achievements. Any EoE raider is allowed and encouraged to set up a raid for secondary raid targets at will, as long as these runs do not interfere with primary raid target runs. If there is no run available feel free to pug it, but guild runs are preferred. Pugging primary raid targets on your main charcater is not allowed. 1 exception to this rule is that, you are allowed to do so if you get approval of the guild management.

Membership & recruitment

Since we are all here playing a game and trying to have a good time, we expect our members mature and to keep a civil tone on every level (towards each other but also in trade, guild, party and raid chat). We aim to work and achieve goals together and try to have fun while we are doing that. History taught us that members of a lower age than 21, although usually very capable players, often have problems coping with these social requirements and expectations. Therefore, we require our applicants to be 21+ in age and be mature.

Also, since we are a raiding guild, we only accept applicants that are of maximum level and have a minimum 890 item level

When invited to the guild you will be a recruit for a trial period (2-3 weeks). This trial is meant to find out if you fit in with the guild and of course to find out if you will be happy here as well.

Of course you will be able to sign up for and participate in guild raids. Please note that in those raids recruits are allowed to bid/roll on items during loot distribution, but priority will be given to full members if they should need it.


Have fun it's what it's all about!